This Is How To Clean And Maintain Polycarbonate Roof Properly

To get a polycarbonate roof that is durable and still looks beautiful. Of course, you have to take care and clean the material properly. Compared to other materials, cleaning and caring for this one roof is not too difficult, it can even be said to be easy. Unfortunately, if you cannot clean it yourself because of your busy schedule, we recommend you hire the pressure washing Lexington SC.

One of the advantages that you will get when using this polycarbonate roof is the presence of a UV light coating. This means the room underneath will be protected from rather dangerous UV radiation.

By treating this material, complete with a layer of UV rays, will significantly increase weather resistance in the long run. To care for it is quite easy, you just need to clean the product periodically, following the recommended procedure.

Here are things you must do to clean and maintain a polycarbonate roof:

Prepare tools and materials

As in general cleaning various kinds of equipment, in this case, you need to prepare warm water, clean water, and also liquid soap. The amount of warm water that should be used is not too much, while clean water, preferably more. It would be better if you use a sponge to deal with various kinds of dust that stick.

First of all, flush the roof using enough clean water.

Next use soap water, which was previously mixed with warm water. Dip the sponge in the warm soap liquid.

Wipe slowly all over the roof until clean. You can rub lightly, and don’t apply too much pressure. But if there are stubborn stains, there’s nothing wrong with using a soft brush, such as a toothbrush, or a brush to wash clothes with fine fibers. Avoid using a sharp brush, so as not to scratch the roof surface, and make the roof easy to perforate.

A few additional tips, when you clean a polycarbonate roof like this, don’t step on the material directly. We recommend that you step on the truss part of the roof.

When finished, rinse thoroughly.