Weller W100PG Is The Right Choice

Weller W100PG is a weller 100-watt soldering irons. This is the solder most used by electronics technicians, and students. This soldering iron is known to be good, durable, and affordable. With data sizes up to 100 watts, this is a pretty good soldering iron tool. But you also need to remember that Solder is durable or not, not solely because of its brand or price. But the most important thing is the treatment of its users.

Here are some tips for a durable and long-lasting solder. First, make sure you always clean the solder blades before and after you use them. Second, you should always use a coating when soldering. Third, you do not drop the soldering iron or knock it on. Fourth, you should heat the solder for about 15 minutes before you use it so that the heat is maximum and the results given are good.