4 This Method Is Effective For Reducing The Fear Of Ghosts

Maybe a lot of people like watching horror movies, but not many people dare to see ghosts. When people feel something that is not visible around them or sees a black shadow, they call it the hat man. Many people are afraid of these invisible creatures that many people are looking for how to get rid of the hat man. And, you are in the right place now.

You are scared? This is normal. But, you shouldn’t be too scared. Because this will make it easy for them to be mastered by them. So, let’s follow these 4 tips to reduce your fear of meeting ghosts, it’s real!

1. Read Prayer
Reading prayers is the main way. Yep! You must immediately read a prayer when you see a ghost appears in front of you. You can say a prayer that according to your religion is believed to drive away from the spirit or ghost. Because the power of prayer means there is God’s intervention. Which, means you are asking God for help.

2. Just ignore it
Ignoring the presence of ghosts that appear in front of you is also a good way to reduce your fear. Well, you have to pretend you don’t see it and try to ignore it. If he can be seen by you, immediately turn away and act like you didn’t notice his presence.

3. Pretend to sing
You can sing as loud as you want. Make noise out of your voice, as if you didn’t know anything about his arrival. The ghost that appears in front of you will be very happy when you are scared. But, he will also be annoyed when you ignore his arrival.

4. Don’t look him in the eye
“Don’t look the ghost in the eye!”

That sentence is not just for fun, you know! Not looking him in the eye will make it easier for you to control your fear.

This means you will be stunned when you meet his eyes directly. Well, what if you accidentally saw his eyes? No problem, you can immediately avert your eyes. You can see any part of her body, as long as you don’t make eye contact.

Well, those are four things that can help reduce your fear of meeting ghosts, you know! But, I hope you never find it!

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