Proper Maintenance After Car Coating

Is it still necessary to take care of the car after coating the car? It is necessary. Even though the car body coating has been done by the Royal1 Mobile Auto Detailing Los Angeles, you still have to do maintenance as usual. No matter how good, no matter how expensive the car coating product you use, if you can’t take care of it properly it will reduce the life of the car coating layer full article. So, what car coating treatments do you need to do to keep your car shiny?

If you use the car almost every day, of course, the car will get dirty faster and look dull, right? It is highly recommended that you wash your car for at least 3 days to 1 week using soap. However, it would be better if you do daily cleaning both before and after the car is used. Simple, you just have to wipe the entire surface of the car that has been doused with water first. That way, the dust that damages the paint doesn’t stick to the car body that has been coated for too long. Water is one of the factors that can affect the color of car paint. Always try to use the right water when washing or just cleaning the car body. It would be very dangerous to use groundwater without being filtered first. Because the high iron content is very dangerous for car paint. Especially if your car has been coated, the coating that should protect the car body might even be damaged.

For those of you who frequently wash your car in a car wash, you have to be vigilant. Washing your car without using soap is not recommended too often, but don’t just choose car wash soap. Always use car wash soap that has good content on car paint. If you use soap/shampoo, it will damage the paint layer and coating on your car.

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