Keep Carpet Healthy

Carpet is now one of the properties that must be owned by every home and even office. Not only as floor coverings, but carpets are also used as the base for several properties such as chairs and tables and even just spread out for children’s play areas. Because of this function, carpets are very risky with deposits of dirt, dust, animal hair, and even fleas or mites. If things like this are left alone, it will certainly cause an unpleasant odor and threaten the health of the family. To clean the carpet thoroughly you will need the right equipment and professional Carpet Cleaning Sydney service.

Many think that cleaning carpets with a vacuum cleaner are sufficient to do a week or even once a month. Even though family activities every day lead to increased dust and dirt. Cleaning the carpet using a vacuum every day only helps remove dirt, dust, and food crumbs before sinking deep into the carpet fibers. So, don’t forget to clean your carpet regularly every day with a vacuum cleaner. The placement of the carpet also turns out to affect its durability. Avoid placing the carpet in a position that is exposed to direct sunlight. Carpets exposed to direct sunlight can deteriorate and fade gradually. Besides, periodically change the position of the inner carpet so that the parts that are often stepped on and overlooked do not get damaged or run out quickly.

Putting a mat before entering the living room or other carpeted area can reduce the dirt, sand, and dirt that gets into it. The mat is the first filter element to trap dirt and pollutants. If you choose mats that are thinner and lighter than carpets, they should be cleaned and washed more often than carpets. Who can stand stains on a carpet? For that, clean immediately if there are stains on the carpet. In addition to making them look clean again as soon as possible, this can also prevent the stain from getting into the carpet and becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

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