Small But Luxurious House, How Do You Do It?

Even though you live in a small house like type 36, of course, you always want to decorate your home as comfortable and attractive as possible. In addition to the popular shabby chic or minimalist styles, you can also present a luxurious impression in the room. To make this happen, you don’t need to spend your budget on buying furniture or consulting an interior designer. With minor renovations and changes at a few points, voila! your simple home can look more classy. The presence of cut flowers and ornamental plants can give a luxurious touch to the room. Place cut flowers or ornamental plants in a vase in the center of the dining table, bedside table, coffee table, and any other area you like. You can choose the same flower color as the outdoor painters society or the theme in one room to make it look harmonious. Several types of flowers such as white tulips, lilies, and orchids can provide luxury at home. Fresh fruits arranged in a basket can be a luxurious decoration for your home. Use a fruit bowl or basket that is large enough to place grapes, oranges, lemons, and apples neatly. Choose the fruit that you like best and place this fruit bowl in a strategic place and easy to reach, such as the coffee table. You will feel casual and elegant in the room. Also, you get used to eating fruit as a healthy snack.

The characteristics of a luxury home are usually neat and clean in every corner. To help you discern which items to keep or remove, have three sacks ready. The first sack contains unnecessary items that must be thrown in the trash. The second sack is suitable objects that can be donated and the third sack is important objects that can be stored. For the third sack, usually contains photographs, artwork, furniture, carpets, and other items with important memories. Memories such as photos can be framed and hung on the living room wall. The mansion certainly looks bright and bright at all times. Lighting is very important because it can determine the mood of your home. So start investing in buying quality lights so that they can become a focal point (center of attention) in the room.